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Key Features

  • FM Band Full Channels (88.0-108.0Mhz) available
  • Channel Selection Up (1 or 0.1Mhz) / Down (0.1Mhz)
  • Excellent Sound by Wireless Solution
  • LCD Display (Frequency, Low Battery Sign)
  • Back Light Lamp
  • Portable & Max 8-hours Plays with 1.5V AAA Battery

User Guide

  1. Plug in the earphone plug to your portable music player.
  2. Turn-on the power by pushing button (1) for at least 2 second. (Insert a 1.5V AAA battery before turning-on the power)
  3. Turn-on your car home radio.
  4. Select & save your car or home radio's frequency to a channel that has no broadcasting on it.
  5. Match AudiaX's frequency with your radios's frequency by pressing button (1) or (2).
  6. Turn on your portable music player (i.e. portable CD player, MP3 player & etc) & play the music.(Due to the characteristics of FM, for good quality music, you should adjust the volume by adjusting your radio's volume while leaving your portable player's volume to a medium level)



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